We’ve just had the last long weekend in Australia until the ‘silly season’ and the craziness of pre-Christmas entertaining, so before we squeeze in all those ‘Let’s-catch-up-before-Christmas’ drinks, we kicked off the warm weather with a big family lunch at home.


Share platters make for easy, lazy afternoon entertaining. Pick the best produce in season and complement with deli staples like cheese, smallgoods and olives. Always olives.

Our house – particularly the garden – is still mid-renovation and we are slowly getting our landscaping sorted. Given we managed to create and complete a crushed granite entertaining terrace just a few short weeks ago, we figured we’d give it a good run in.


Simple country chic was the look we were going for, so a few bunches of flowers, from Flower Haul, split into many inexpensive glass containers centred down the table, was all the decoration needed.


We love pieces of foliage arranged amongst flowers to give a more natural feel.


Loose the tablecloth and let the weathered timber add some rustic charm.


Some simple IKEA placements (made from renewable water hyacinth, no less), plain white plates, monogramed napkins from Mark & Graham and Laguiole cutlery is enough for this simple country lunch.


 Comfy chairs – that means padded cushions and armrests – set the tone to settle back for a long, lazy lunch.

Some gatherings call for a little more formality, but a country lunch on a Sunday with family is one of those times you can go easy and let the food, setting and fine alcohol do the talking!

Nicki Dobrzynski

Photographer. Interior Designer. Stylist. Mum of 2. Wife of 1. Always with a camera in my hand. Learning to live a slower life in the beautiful Southern Highlands, NSW.

November 18, 2016
December 18, 2016