Home Office How-To

A beautiful home office can make me an organised, in control, calm person right? RIGHT?!? We’re working on our new home office and the Cottonwood studio now (but we’re saving those photos for a ta da! before/after reveal post later) and so we’ve been looking back on our previous home office, and our current temporary one, thinking about what we’d like to adapt into our new spaces.

While we’re lucky to have a whole room to devote to the work cause, never fear if you don’t – a great workspace can emerge from an unlikely spot. Take a look along your walls or in an underused corner. Just don’t think about tacking a little ‘work area’ onto that extra bench space in your kitchen. That is just bonkers. You. Will. Never. Get. Anything. Done. Aside from pay bills and grouch on your kids for being noisy. And do you really want to design a space just for that?


Our former home office was a sunroom-come-mudroom-come-office. Often larger rooms can be zoned for dual, or triple, purposes. Photo by Maree Homer.

Here are some non-bonkers ideas to consider…

1. Natural light is always important and particularly so if you have a home office as dark and dingy spaces aren’t typically conducive to helping you ease into “work mode”. Ideally, natural light from the side is best, but if your window looks out to a serene or pleasant environment, then that might work best for you, as taking regular breaks from your screen, and changing your focus points, is said to be beneficial for long term eyesight. Having a window behind you can be problematic however, as you’ll find it hard to view your computer screen.


2. Sync your office decor with your home’s style. Office furniture doesn’t have to be officious. We love this chair (above) dressed up for work in its happy stripe suit. (Photo by Maree Homer).


3. Add greenery. Or flowers. Not negotiable. It’s instantly makes a work space less of a work space. In a very good-kinda way!


Everything in its place. Candles and flowers really help your work space feel more inviting and pleasant. 

4. You need somewhere to deposit your pens, notes and USB sticks at the end of the day. A vide poche or box on your desktop is a clutter cop.
Our leather vide poche from Oliver Throsby is one of the most stylish ways to keep those inevitable “bits and pieces” all together.

5. Warm lighting. Choose the very opposite of that office staple, fluorescent strip lighting.


This table lamp by Aerin is such a versatile piece. It fits in wherever it goes, but really loves hanging out in the office with us.

6. Make your work surface as large as space can afford. I know it’s a bit of a design cliche, but a trestle table makes such a great work desk. It elevates a mundane piece of furniture to something with personality and it’s inexpensive. Ours is from IKEA. It cost less than $300 and you can even adjust the height.


If you need a creative charge, reinvigorate your workspace with a colour change of cushions, throws or decorative pieces.

Styling and images by Nicki Dobrzynski. Images by Maree Homer  noted.

Louise Edwards

December 5, 2016