Is there anything more perfect for summer than an ice-cold citrus cocktail? The mojito has rightly earned its place in the classic class, with its glorious punch of mint and lime.

And it’s so, SO simple!

You’ll need:
Alcohol: white rum (or a substitute of gin makes a nice alternative)
Fresh: limes and mint (and grapefruit if you please)
Pantry: sugar and soda/mineral water
Freezer: ice


Muddle mint leaves (about 5-8 will do) into a couple of teaspoons of sugar and a good squeeze of lime juice (2 tablespoons for the purists). You want to really release the oils from the mint to give you a big hit of flavour.


Add as much rum as you prefer and pour into a glass filled halfway with crushed ice. Top up with soda water (and a squeeze of grapefruit if you have it). Garnish with some extra mint leaves and a lime wedge if you like.


Images and styling: Nicki Dobrzynski


Louise Edwards

December 18, 2016
February 20, 2017