If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll be well aware that on Saturday I attended the picnic book launch of the much anticipated WILD Adventure Cookbook by Sarah Glover, at the spectacular property, Glenmore House, in Camden, New South Wales. The event was hosted by Sarah, as well as renowned Sydney-based photographer, Luisa Brimble, who did all the photography for the book, with support from Hamblins Flowers, and Linda Ross who provided her beautiful VW combi-van, ‘Luna’, for the occasion.

cottonwood wild cookbook launch picnic

Scenes like this don’t come along all that often, and as a photographer it’s kind of a “dream come true” to be able to photograph such a magnificently styled event. Especially if you’re a foodie and flower lover, like I am! The prosecco was flowing freely; the spectacular picnic table set up under the shade of a tree using old pallets, which was generously laden with what could only be described as an absolute “feast”; the beautiful country setting and garden backdrop of Glenmore House; the expert styling and flowers en masse; all the super lovely like-minded people… it really made for one of the most beautiful and relaxing events I’ve ever been to. If you’re considering buying tickets or going to one of their events, DO IT! You will have such a beautiful day and feel so inspired.

cottonwood wild cookbook sarah glover

I won’t go on too much as the photos really speak for themselves but I will say how impressed I am by both Sarah and Luisa, as their passion and dedication to this book, and both their crafts, is incredibly admirable. This cookbook is self published with the help of a Kick Starter campaign, and it’s just so obvious how much work, effort and passion has gone into not just the book, but the events they have hosted to help raise the money to publish it. They also happen to be two of the sweetest and bubbliest people I’ve ever met. Their genuine warmth and sense of fun is seriously infectious!

cottonwood wild cookbook launch picnic

cottonwood wild cookbook launch picnic

cottonwood wild cookbook kombi ranunculus

cottonwood wild cookbook launch picnic

cottonwood wild cookbook launch picnic

cottonwood colourful ranunculus

cottonwood wild cookbook cakes flowers

cottonwood wild cookbook tiered cake flowers

cottonwood wild cookbook launch meringues

cottonwood stock flowers peach pink

cottonwood wild cookbook cake flowers

cottonwood wild cookbook launch picnic

cottonwood wild cookbook country picnic

cottonwood wild cookbook launch picnic

cottonwood wild cookbook launch picnic

cottonwood wild cookbook launch picnic

cottonwood wild cookbook launch picnic

The book is really quite something; a solid hardcover, laden with interesting and unique recipes and stories of adventure and fun, with some of the most exquisite photography you’re likely to see anywhere. The book is so beautiful that calling it simply “a cookbook” seems an injustice, as it’s so much more than that. Definitely put it on your Christmas list!

Stay tuned for a separate post on the grounds and gardens of Glenmore House – I had too many beautiful photos to put into one post so have decided to split them up into two as Glenmore House deserves it’s own post, its honestly that gorgeous!


Hosts and styling: Sarah Glover and Luisa Brimble

Food:ย Sarah Glover

Above photography: Nicki Dobrzynski – Cottonwood & Co

Location: Glenmore House, Camden, New South Wales

Flowers: Hamblins

‘Luna the Kombi’: Linda Ross

Note: I absolutely love when people post my images on social media, however please ensure you credit @cottonwoodandco for the photography (and if possible the others above). Thank you!

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Nicki Dobrzynski

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September 12, 2017