Touch of Gold

I am loving the simple tones and gold touches in this beautifully formal living room. I am starting to think gold is the new black – every room needs a touch of it somewhere. I do love black touches but there is something very formal, elegant and classy about a little bit of gold in a room. It might be something simple like a gold mirror, a delicate gold and glass side table, or gold kitchen knobs, but it really gives a bit of bling.

What do you think of small gold touches in a home or space? I know silver has always been very popular and almost never (dare I say never!) clashes with anything but I think gold is on the rise and adds a sort of richness and warmth to a space.

Nicki x

Nicki Dobrzynski

Interior and lifestyle photographer. Interior Designer. Stylist. Mum of 2. Wife of 1. Always with a camera in my hand. Learning to live a slower life in the beautiful Southern Highlands, NSW.

March 6, 2013