Mi Casa, Mi Wish

Some time ago, I borrowed a stunning hard cover book called Building with Wood, Unique Living with Mi Casa and it is possibly one of the most beautiful architecture and interiors books I’ve ever seen.

Mi Casa is a home building company based in the Belgium, and I personally think the homes in this book are stunningly unique; an elegant blend of the traditional and modern, as well as stylish, sophisticated and unpretentious. This is my absolute favourite style of architecture and interior design and what the Cottonwood philosophy is all about, so take a look at some of Mi Casa’s magnificent work below. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do and I highly recommend a visit to their beautiful website www.micasa.be/

I REALLY love everything about this house! From the architecture, colour scheme, windows, balustrades, the roof line, the gardens….I could go on forever! They really do absolutely magnificent homes and use a lot of timber which is my personal favourite when it comes to architectural materials.
The beauty of natural wood / timber. I would really love a pool with weathered timber decking done like this.
I particularly adore the light timber flooring in this magnificent and detailed herringbone pattern. It’s reminiscent of old french style parquetry but with a modern and updated application and look.
I just love all the wood everywhere. It almost calls for no artwork as the walls become a feature in their own right.
I will admit I have a love affair with black wood / timber houses.

Are these not stunningly beautiful homes?! I personally love the elegant blend of simplified living combined with small detailing that you really don’t see very often – especially not in Australia.

You can purchase the book Building With Wood, Unique Living with Mi Casa from Amazon.

Nicki x

Nicki Dobrzynski

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June 20, 2013