A Home Renovation Update

While it’s been a little slow-going over winter, we have at least had some renovation progress here lately so I wanted to give you all an update. Aside from our kitchen being installed, which you can see more of here, we also had some wallpapers go up, main bathroom almost complete, and our black cedar external cladding installed. My husband also built a cute little backyard cabin (my new interior design studio), and we’ve also started on a veggie garden around it.

These are just some snippets as there’s still a lot of things to finish, but good things really do take time. Well, that’s what I keep telling myself at least! We’re still also settling into our new life here in NZ, so sometimes the renovation has to take a back seat to everyday life.

A Renovation Update - Cottonwood and Co

I’ve finally started to hang art although board and batten can make the issue of hanging art a little tricky in some spots! But slowly it’s feeling more and more like home around here.

I’ve struggled a little getting our entry to feel “right” as it’s on the long & narrower side. I personally prefer to walk in with a sense of space. So a few days ago I decided to move the old meat safe from the kitchen to this little nook at the end of our entry.

A Renovation Update - Cottonwood and Co

It means the actual entry is now more open and clear for just a bench and mirror (and 100 shoes because there are always shoes!). It forces us to have less clutter on the entry table, and it’s a lovely little welcoming moment.

A Renovation Update - Cottonwood and Co

All our beautiful Iver door hardware is in. One thing we never skimp on is we always go for solid core doors, and quality door hardware. Solid core doors are not only much better for sound proofing between rooms, they also feel much more substantial and weighty. Putting beautiful, quality door hardware elevates it again, and they just feel really lovely in the hand.

Iver Hardware - Cottonwood and Co

We went with the Sarlat hardware range from Iver, in Signature Brass (which is a dark bronze finish) and we love them. They’re timeless and classic without being too fussy or overwhelming the doors.

A Home Renovation Update - Cottonwood and Co
Interior Designer, Queenstown - Cottonwood and Co
A Home Renovation Update - Cottonwood and Co

Our main bathroom is almost complete. We’re just awaiting on our wall lights and mirror to be installed and a marble vanity top. In this bathroom I’ve gone for “fishing lodge vibes” with a feminine twist as our ensuite is much more masculine.

A Home Renovation Update - Cottonwood and Co

Excited to get our dining room finished. Needs a pendant above the table, window blinds, and below is the divine new fabric I’m going to be using in here. Can’t wait to show you where it’s going!

A Renovation Update - Cottonwood and Co

Our wide stripe Molmic sofa is very large (almost 3m long) and wasn’t originally intended for this living room. However it’s the most comfortable sofa we’ve ever owned so we bought it out of storage. The colours work with the house, although I really would like to get a new slipcover made for it in a prettier fabric at some point.

A few wallpapers have been hung, although we’re still waiting on our electrician to come back to install a heap of wall lights and finish electrical. Most rooms need that done before any more “room reveals” can take place! ha. The wall lights above in our ensuite are actually meant for E’s room, so they will be swapped out once our bathroom wall lights get installed.

Interior Designer, Wanaka - Cottonwood and Co

I’ve temporarily put these lovely gathered Penny Morrison shades in her room, which go so well with the wallpaper. I love her wallpaper so much, as does she. It’s the prettiest soft turquoise background, with delicate birds and fruit in lovely muted shades of pink, peach, plum, and green. I never tire of looking at it!

A Renovation Update and Our Bleached Oak Island Benchtop - Cottonwood and Co
A Renovation Update - Cottonwood and Co

One of my favourite things to do of an afternoon, particularly on a weekend, is flick through cookbooks for dinner inspiration. I always get new ideas or remember a recipe I wanted to try but had forgotten about.

Our little backyard cabin (my new design studio) and the beginnings of our veggie garden in front. The veggie garden will have a fence all around it so that mesh fencing is temporary. Then pea gravel around the beds and a lovely little potted corner to sit and have a cold drink in summer. Much more to come on this as hubby’s also added a little greenhouse to the back of the cabin so we extend our growing season.

Food is very expensive and seasonal here in NZ. Often you just cannot get things if they’re not in season (unless you grow it yourself) or if it is available it’s outrageously expensive. We’ve definitely had to adjust the way we shop, cook and eat over here, but that’s not entirely a bad thing.

Will be sharing more of our veggie & flower garden, and greenhouse soon as we’re now obsessed with growing things from seed (also much cheaper!). Excited for my dahlias to come up as last years bulbs were a fail (planted way too late) so I had very few flowers. This summer I’m hoping for a lot more cut flowers, so stay tuned!

Nicki x

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  1. Please let us know which company supplied thew Backyard Cabin as it looks very cute.

    1. Hi Janey, it was just from Mitre 10 and my husband built it – it’s a cabin kit set

  2. A lovely post. So warm and welcoming to enter your home. Lots of beautiful choices you have especially the wall paper. Thanks so much for sharing. M

    1. Thank you so much, Mary! The wallpapers really add a lot more interest and style to what was a very plain, characterless home! So we are pretty thrilled with home it’s coming along. 🙂

  3. It’s looking amazing lovely! So nice to see you living your dream. xxx

    1. Thanks gorgeous. Hope you Ian’s the fam are all well! Love seeing what you’re up to back there 😌 xo

      1. Charlotte says:

        Would you share where you got the art above what u call the meatsafe, in your entrance…in pictures above. Thank you!

  4. Jennifer Jeffery says:

    Oh Nicki it is just so beautiful I could cry! Such a wonderful sense of calm, homeliness, elegance and warmth. I just love it!

    1. Oh Jennifer that is such a kind and heart warming comment! Thank you so much. Far from done, but slowly working on it ☺️

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