A Stylish Easter Table

Easter, like Christmas, is always a wonderful excuse to get together with family & friends, set a beautifully inviting table, and celebrate the change of seasons. This year, I’ve opted for a stylish Easter table setting with just a couple of special “hero” pieces. You can see previous Easter tables both here and here.

Creating a beautiful table setting is about authenticity, expressing personality, and investing in quality pieces that can be used for years, or passed down generations. Heirloom china or handmade ceramics, vintage glassware and flatware, quality table linens, and seasonal centrepieces make for the most interesting and beautiful tablescapes.

It’s also about layering with intention. Too often I see people going way too overboard and heavy on the faux decor, so the table ends up looking contrived and stale. You want your table to feel natural and authentic. Things like fresh flowers or foliage, fruit or vegetables, and textural or handmade pieces are always a safe bet. Or just simply filled with delicious food!

Atelier Soleil - Cottonwood & Co Easter Table

Our new handmade, and hand painted, French faience ‘Bee & Hive’ plates from Atelier Soleil in Moustiers Sainte-Marie, were the inspiration behind this setting. I actually had a visceral reaction the minute I saw them! They are truly something special and I just love the delicate and whimsical design, that avoids being kitsch.

Atelier Soleil Moustiers - Cottonwood & Co Easter Table

There’s something truly inspiring about using a plate that’s been handmade or hand painted. Especially so when it’s from one of the oldest and most authentic ceramic workshops in France. You see every little differing brush stroke and detail. Each one really is a work of art. And that’s something I appreciate now more than ever.

Atelier Soleil Moustiers - Cottonwood and Co

Heather Taylor Home - Cottonwood & Co

Another hero element is the beautiful tablecloth from Heather Taylor Home. I coveted it for over 2 years but only recently bought it. I love the muted colours, unique stripe design and hand woven qualities.

The blush pink linen napkins are from Pottery Barn and now a couple of years old but I still love them. They’ve held up surprisingly well as we use them a lot!

Atelier Soleil Moustiers - Cottonwood and Co

A Stylish Easter Table - Cottonwood & Co

The floral centrepiece is a mix of store bought and foraged flowers & foliage. Although I often have ideas about what floral arrangement I’ll create, I always end up using what’s seasonal and available. But, I think it makes things far more interesting and unique that way!

Atelier Soleil Moustiers - Cottonwood and Co

Easter always ends up being more of a “brunch” affair for us. Usually we have chocolate, hot cross buns & coffee (hot choc for kids) as soon as we wake up. So, this year I’m doing Eggs Benedict for brunch. It’s actually surprisingly simple to make and the hollondaise literally takes minutes. I’ll be sharing the recipe next as I’ve also discovered a fail proof method to perfectly poached eggs!

Heather Taylor Home - Atelier Soleil Moustiers - Cottonwood and Co


If you have any questions, feel free to ask down below.

I hope you all have a beautiful and safe Easter, especially those in Australia who’ve suffered through terrible floods of late. But also those overseas who are still experiencing lockdown, or have loved ones sick with covid.

Let’s hope Easter this year looks a little better than the past year.

Nicki xo



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  1. Nicky this table is absolutely gorgeous!!!! The plates and tablecloth especially. Can I ask where the lovely simple glass candle holders and coloured candles are from? They’re simple but beautiful, just what I need. Thank you! Michelle 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Michelle. I really, really love the plates and tablecloth too. And the glass candle holders I bought last year from Suzie Anderson Home. They are super smart and can mix with any decor. Hope you have a lovely Easter! Nicki 🙂

  2. Hey Nicki! I’m new to the blog and LOVE it! I came by way of Cindy Hattersley! Question – best resource for these dark rattan chargers? I’m probably the only one that hasn’t bought some….

    1. Hi Gray, thanks for the kind words! Your comment also made me giggle. 😆 The chargers were actually bought here in Australia from a supplier but Pottery Barn sell the exact ones! Or if you’re hunting for some other gorgeous placemats, try Amanda Lindroth or Penny Morrison’s divine coloured wicker ones!! I could actually list more, ha, but those are my current fave picks.

    2. Oh and the Pottery Barn ones are called the “Tava”. xo

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