Homegrown bouquet in Autumn

It’s been a busy week with Term 2 going back, after having 2 sicks kids over the holidays and juggling work. So, I cheered myself up this week with this pretty little bouquet that I made with home grown flowers from our garden!

It’s a mixture of Pierre de Ronsard roses, white Iceberg roses (some of which have tinges of pink from the cool nights of late), chrysanthemums, hydrangeas (the very last buds!), coupled with sage leaves and James Stirling foliage.

Cottonwood & Co - homegrown bouquet of fall flowers 

I really didn’t think I’d have flowers like this in our garden in May (!!), so it really is a bit of a treat to be able to put bouquets together like this. Usually I’m arranging brightly hued leaves in large vases in April & May, but not this year!

Cottonwood & Co - homegrown bouquet of fall flowers 
Cottonwood & Co - homegrown bouquet of fall flowers 

It has been unseasonably warm of late and I know it’s still been pretty cold in the Northern Hemisphere when they should be well into spring, but whatever. I’ll take the spring-like flowers while they last!

Our roses are doing incredibly well and so are my dahlias, and given we only planted them in spring, I’m amazed at how quickly they’ve grown and how many flowers we’ve had. The Iceberg roses and dahlias have flowered prolifically all spring, summer and now well in autumn.

It really is so wonderful to have flowers in the garden at this time of year and be able to put together little arrangements like this! However, I expect that with the cool change we’d had over the past fortnight, things will start dying down for winter now.

Nicki xo

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