A harmonious blend of colour, pattern and texture, that feels refreshingly sophisticated and charming, sets our interior design apart. The considered use of textiles, bespoke upholstery and traditional-style joinery, along with Nicki’s discerning eye for antiques and vintage pieces, ensures each clients’ interior is not only individual, but reflects and balances both their practical needs and aesthetic desires.

A strong commitment to beautiful sustainable design, and the rejection of “throw away culture”, is at the heart of Nicki’s design philosophy. Incorporating high quality, natural materials, and being deeply invested in repurposing well made existing pieces wherever possible, is a vital aspect of our work and process. We strive to create meaningful and enduring interiors, and to make the entire design journey one that’s fulfilling, exciting, and thoroughly enjoyable.

We’re currently updating our interior design portfolio, however a selection of our work is showcased below. If you have a possible interior design project to discuss, whether it’s one room or many, please get in touch with us via our contact pageWe’re available to work on projects in both Wanaka, Queenstown, and Dunedin, Canterbury and McKenzie regions including Christchurch, and even as far north as Wellington, Auckland and Bay of Islands.



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