Nancy Meyers interiors: The Holiday

One of my all time favourite movies, The Holiday, by one of my all time favourite directors, Nancy Meyers, is set around a magnificent sprawling Spanish style house in Los Angeles (actually, the inside was filmed on a studio lot in LA) although it’s the interiors that continue to resonate with me. Most of you will know this gorgeous home; the house that the character ‘Amanda’ lives in, played by Cameron Diaz, and I’m sure I don’t need to recap too much as this movie has had lots of posts and articles written about it (including this one from a favourite blog of mine, cote de texas), but I’ll go ahead and give it one more mention here, purely because I just love the furniture and interior design of this home so much!

The interiors, done by by Jon Hutman, Beth Rubino and James Radin, are simple yet sophisticated, classic with eclectic touches and have a overall relaxed, casual feel. Basically a house I would move in tomorrow and not do a thing to!

I especially love the kitchen and informal kitchen dining area with it’s dark round dining table and elegant, loose covered dining chairs. To me, this look is all about relaxed, low-key luxury.

In a scene from the movie, ‘Iris’ (played by Kate Winslet), hosts an impromptu Hanuka party with her neighbour and his friends while in the midst of a house swap with ‘Amanda’ (played by Cameron Diaz) who is staying in ‘Iris’s’ quaint country cottage in Surrey UK. Don’t you just love a good impromptu and relaxed dinner party with friends? 
Here is the casual kitchen dining area taken on set. I love the simple palette and decor in this home. Lots of grey, beige, white and black with touches of greenery to break up the white walls.

I especially love the dining chairs above, and think they really give this dining space the casual feel which is perfect for informal dining. Pair these chairs with any kind of dining table (light, dark, modern, rustic) and you will instantly have a beautifully chic and casually elegant dining space.

As much as I love an upholstered dining chair, I cringe at the thought of having to ‘spot clean’ my dining chairs after a dinner party, not to mention the stress of wondering if the stain will leave a permanent mark. That really spoils all the fun. For me, it’s about style and comfort, and as Karl Largerfeld once said, “It’s not luxury if it isn’t comfortable”. Spot on I say!*

Nicki x

* pun intended!

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