Slip covered chairs

At the risk of sounding completely nuts, there is nothing that excites me more when it comes to furniture than slip covered chairs. There are a number of reasons why, but first and foremost, it’s because they’re practical. Without the reassurance of a slip cover, I fear spills, a grubby hand, the dog and any child under 12. This is why we have very few pieces of furniture in our home that don’t have either a hardy fabric, or, a slip cover. The few items that don’t are under my watchful eye and truthfully, that gets exhausting. Our “good room” is where most of those pieces live, but still, I absolutely love to entertain and detest the contradiction of inviting people to gather at our home if no one can touch anything or are fearful of ruining something. Slip covers are essentially an insurance policy for your furniture! Especially with a growing family.

Practicality aside, I love the fact that slip covers unwittingly exude a casual and relaxed style of living, whilst also remaining effortlessly chic. For me, it’s the perfect marriage of simplicity, elegance and functionality. Quite simply, slip covers are the reason I am brave enough to have white fabric in our home! Here are some of my favourite looks and styles.

Via my Pinterest board. These white slip covered chairs are so incredibly elegant.
One of my favourite furniture companies, Artwood of Sweden.
Striking slip covered chairs in charcoal grey. From the movie, The Holiday.
Slip covered chairs at work. Doesn’t this office just look so stylish, collaborative and creative? via Pinterest.
Gorgeous dining with blankets for colour and comfort, at Huka Lodge’s sister property, Dolphin Island in Fiji.
Can’t go past this classic look from Restoration Hardware. I love the slip covered dining chairs with that black round table.
The band of beige at the bottom of these slip covered chairs, is just gorgeous!
Beautiful in blue. The stunning dining area at the Alan Pye Cottage, Huka Lodge, New Zealand.
We love the Slettvoll style and just about all of their products, especially their slip covered chairs above. I wish we had Slettvoll here in Australia!

Nicki x

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