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We love nothing more than a surprise delivery at our door, and today I was lucky enough to receive these elegant health and care journals from a wonderful small business called, The Grace Files. They specialise in beautiful bespoke journals, with an emphasis on child health, cancer care and caring for others.

The timing of these journals could not be more relevant, as just a few short weeks ago I was desperately searching for our daughters “blue book” (the medical book which holds all her health and immunisation records etc) as she started pre-school, and I still have not been able to find it. I know it will turn up somewhere, but truthfully, I was careless about it’s whereabouts.

Packaging with ribbon on marble

the grace files journals

Enter the Life + Notes journal from The Grace Files and I know with certainty that I won’t misplace this! It’s far too beautiful for starters, but also contains pages for all things related to your childs health & wellbeing, growth and medical records, as well as precious life moments to remember, so this will be a book that lives in our kitchen which we can frequently update and review.

grace files journals open pages

Being a typical creative, if something looks pretty I’m much more likely to use it but also less likely to be careless about it! It drives my husband mad and he can’t understand why I have spent so much money at Kikki K over the years!

journal open pages

These journals are super elegant, with stunning photography, well planned, compact and tactile.

journal pages close up

The Love Letters To My Child journal is also such a beautiful and precious idea, and with our 2nd baby on the way I am really looking forward to having a journal to document the journey in and write precious notes that I can give to both our children when they are older. We didn’t do this with our first, despite being given a few baby books to write in, and if i’m honest they were probably a little childish so it didn’t entice me to want to write in it, whereas The Grace Files journals are for grown ups.

bespoke journals cottonwod

These journals make a beautiful and thoughtful gift for parents-to-be, new parents, or those with young children. They also have a Care + Notes journal which is designed to be a beautiful, helpful and supportive tool to accompany you throughout your treatment and to provide you with an organised place to record your medical details.

I really, really love these notebooks and know so many others will too. x

*this post is not sponsored. We were gifted 2 journals by The Grace Files, and after receiving them I really felt it’s something worth sharing as they are beautiful, unique and useful, and know so many parents who have had the same problem keeping their children’s medical records on hand or up to date. 

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