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My search for the perfect woodweave blinds started back in 2014 when I was sourcing bamboo blinds for a client, here in the Highlands. On Pinterest, I would see all these homes with beautiful woodweave / bamboo blinds that looked very natural, organic, and had beautiful yellowy/grey tones. However, no matter how hard I searched, I could not seem to find them in Australia!

Whilst I did manage to source bamboo blinds for that project, the styles and colours were limited. They also came in typical shades that were very red, or shades of green or blue etc. Not what I had in mind!

Not long after that project, we started our renovation and I was set on these natural woodweave blinds that I’d seen in homes across America… and on Pinterest! The search went on, and on, and on.

I can’t tell you how many times I almost ordered them from the US out of desperation, despite the risk, hassle and high cost. Or, I simply gave up searching and started looking at fabric blinds instead. I was caught in a merry-go-round of noncommittal and yet  just couldn’t get these perfectly toned woodweave blinds out of my mind.

It wasn’t until I had lunch last year at beautiful Terragong in Jamberoo (a luxury B&B) with owners Darryl Gordon and his partner Simon, that the search reignited!! Darryl and Simon used woodweave/bamboo blinds in some of the guest suites and very kindly shared with me who they used. Blinds by Peter Meyer.

I ordered samples from their Urban Naturals range . When those samples arrived, I knew immediately the search was over! They were PERFECT. And I had choice, as several of the samples were top contenders.

Cottonwood laundry with checkerboard floor
Nicki Dobrzynski kitchen
Nicki Dobrzynski modern farmhouse kitchen bamboo blinds
Cottonwood and Co - the perfect woodweave / bamboo blinds

In the end, I selected Urban Weave in ‘Manhattan’ (above) as I loved the texture, weave definition and the soft golden grey undertone, which works beautifully with all our brass hardware and the yellow/grey tones in our oak floors.

Cottonwood and Co - the perfect woodweave / bamboo blinds
Design and Photography: Nicki Dobrzynski / Cottonwood & Co

The blinds were ordered and 9 days later, they were being unpackaged from their boxes on our dining table. Yes, not only are they perfect, but the lead time was less than 10 days from order placement!

They really could not be more perfect. Slightly translucent, beautiful texture, perfect colour, and super easy to install. They were also cheaper than their other bamboo Le Blind range, which was an added bonus.

During the day you still get some light through but have absolute privacy. At night, you have privacy and can only just make out figures behind it (depending on how bright your interior lighting is).

We mounted our blinds slightly higher than our window, as our ceilings aren’t very high (2.45m) so it helps give the illusion of a higher ceiling, but also because I didn’t want any reduction of natural light when the blinds were fully up. Where you mount yours will depend on your window style, ceiling height and the look you’re after.

We also put one on our front door and our laundry and they really finish off the rooms.

Cottonwood and Co - the perfect woodweave / bamboo blinds
Cottonwood and Co - the perfect woodweave / bamboo blinds
Cottonwood and Co - the perfect woodweave / bamboo blinds

I’ll post a full kitchen shot on my Instagram soon, so you can see the full effect, but for now I hope this was helpful and gives you an idea of the look of woodweave blinds.

If you want any more information on the blinds, feel free to ask me any questions below!

N xo

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  1. Hi there! I love your blinds! I’ve been on the hunt for awhile now. When I go onto the link I cannot order directly, do you have to have a consult, is there anyway to find out prices without a consult? Thank you!

  2. Sharon Andrus says:

    Please tell me how we can order these or where we can buy them!

    1. Hi Sharon they are from Peter Meyer Blinds in Australia

  3. Dianne Macdermid says:

    Can you please tell me if you ship to Melbourne Australia.


    1. Hi Dianne sorry I don’t make these blinds just used them in my home.

  4. I live in the Caribbean & will be building shortly, how do these blinds stand up to constant heat & fading of colour.

    1. Hi Linda, to be honest I can’t say for sure as this was our former home and we don’t have these same blinds anymore however we did live in a very extreme climate (hot summers and cold winters) and noticed no change in the blinds (nor with fading). Hope that helps 🙂

  5. Courtenay O’Neil says:

    Hi Nikki

    Where is the cabinetry hardware from? Love this kitchen, absolutely divine

    1. Hi lovely, so these brass handles came from America. They were Lewis Dolin and I bought them from Lews Hardware. Not sure if they still sell them, but they were a great price, nice and heavy, and looked just as gorgeous in person! Send me an email and I can tell you how I ordered them, or recommend some other options for you to look at. Did you get your Falcon range? I hope you’re loving i! xo

  6. Marion Gage says:

    I love these blinds so I contacted the company for a quote, no reply so I rung them to inquire. I was told they are a wholesale company, they don’t do quotes over the phone and put me in contact with a retailer. I don’t know why their website says online quote then. Feel a bit annoyed actully

    1. Hi Marion, yes unfortunately they are a brand and as such don’t deal direct with general public (only designers, to-the-trade, and retailers) but they have a large range of retailers that stock their product. This post was a few years ago so I suspect they may have changed their terms of trade since then as they are a very popular brand now, but maybe they should make this clearer on their website. I’ll update my post with this information as well. I hope you managed to find a retailer?

  7. Hi love your blog, How high above the window can you hang the roman blinds?

    1. Hi Rose, apologies for the delayed reply. Thanks for the compliment. How high you hang your romans is really up to you and I would say depends on your ceiling height and whether you want an outside or inside mount. I generally hang them outside mount and as higher as possible IF the property has lower ceilings, to create a sense of height. However, many opt to hang the romans “inside mount” (inside the window frame). There’s really no one-size-fits-all approach I’m afraid. Nicki

  8. So very pretty! We are remodeling our great room and adding a large 7’ wide window over the sink. I thought about getting a motorized blind of some sort but it is cost prohibitive. My concern is being only 5’4” tall how to raise and lower them sincI have to lean over the counter. How is your experience? Thankyou!

    1. Hi Sammie, I’m so sorry I’ve only just seen this comment. I’m sure you’ve probably remodelled now, but in case not, I had no issue with this cord as it hung very low so I only had to reach forward to pull it up and down. No issue at all. I’m 5″6. Hope that helps! Nicki 🙂

  9. I LOVE the flooring! Would you be kind enough to tell me what it is? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Ana, sorry I’ve only just stumbled upon this comment and realised I never replied! So sorry. Flooring was a brand in Australia called Preference Floors (and the flooring called Prestige Oak) and the colour in this house was Latte. Hope that helps! Nicki 🙂

  10. Hi! Can you tell me what the flooring is? Love it!

    1. Kitchen flooring, thanks!

  11. Thank you for this info I learned a lot about it

  12. I love these blinds but do you know if they come in a roller version? Your home and style is beautiful and the shades look great.We have had white stone and cabinets installed so I was hoping they will soften the look a bit. Also, Where did you get your runner from near front door? I have been looking for this type of rug as well. Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Sue, sorry I accidentally missed this comment! Thanks for your lovely message. Our blinds were from Peter Meyer Blinds and they were the Urban Weave. Not sure if they come in a roller version but email Peter Meyer Blinds and ask and they will be able to help you! Also our entry sisal runner was from Natural Floor Covering Centre in Sydney. Hope that helps! Nicki xo

    2. We certainly can make the UrbanWeave Blinds as Roller blinds. The fabric only comes 1800mm wide but we can break your windows up if you have larger windows. We join the fabric when making Roman blinds into blinds as wide as 3000mm wide.

  13. Elisabeth Crowe says:

    Hi Nicki,
    Yay! A review of woven wood blinds in Australia! Like you (and everyone else!) I have been longing for some woven blinds after seeing them so often on blogs, etc.And, like you, buying from the States was pretty high on the list. I had just looked at Peter Meyer’s site before I saw your blog post, so am thrilled to hear a positive review.Needless to say, I’m heading back there now to get some samples.
    Oh happy days!
    Thanks so much,
    Cheers, Liz.

    1. Hi Liz, so sorry I missed this comment! Eeek! I’m so thrilled this post helped and you will LOVE these blinds from Peter Meyer. They are my absolute fave. Ours are the Urban Weave. Nicki xo

  14. Hi nicki,
    Your house looks absolutely beautiful and I love your Instagram page! We are looking at getting these peter Myer blinds as love the look of them. We were looking at getting them in our kitchen above our sink and just wanted to see how easy they are to clean? Are they very durable?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Bec, can’t recommend them highly enough! They look fabulous, are so easy and quick to operate and i’ve never had to wipe them clean. We just love them. Hope that helps! Nicki

      1. Thanks nicki – much appreciated!

  15. Hi Nikki
    Can I just say, you are a total inspiration to me?! Your beautiful Insta feed has quite literally changed my life, in the best possible way! We are building a new house at the moment & you have given me such confidence in my choices. I have to admit I have used several of your ideas! We are even painting our front door the same colour as your laundry cabinets as I love it so much.
    We are in the process of ordering some of these blinds by Peter Meyer too, thanks to your recommendation. I have a few samples but haven’t chosen the final one yet. I’m waiting for the floors to be stained before I choose.
    Anyway… I really just wanted to say a big thank you. You have such great taste & are paving the way for loads of people I’m sure!
    Annabel xxx

    1. My goodness, Annabel, thank you so much! That is truly one of the loveliest compliments i’ve ever received and it means so much to me. You’ve absolutely made my week! It honestly makes me so happy to know I have helped people, even in small ways, and been able to inspire. There are so many people I’m inspired by myself, so I feel exactly the same as you in how much it means when you find that person, or people, that give you such immense confidence or push you to make choices or think outside the box. You will love the blinds from Peter Meyer too – I’m obsessed with them and every house we do going forward will have them. So beautifully, functional and easy to use! Your home renovation sounds amazing! Hope it all goes smoothly! Love to see pictures when it’s finished! Nicki xox

  16. Thank you so much for sharing – I have just ordered samples from The Shade Store in USA, as I too could not find anything in Australia! Will have a look at Peter Meyer right now!

    1. Hi Kathryn! I was about to do the same too! There are numerous places in the US that have these woodweave blinds so such a shame not as much choice here. But I’m sure you will love the ones from Peter Meyer Blinds! Let me know what you think when they arrive. Nicki xo

  17. Thank you for sharing Nicki…. they are perfect and just what I was looking for for my kitchen window. You have also convinced me I need brass handles. Love your style. Mel x

    1. Thank you Melissa, thats so lovely of you to say! I’m so glad this post has helped you make up your mind about window treatments, and yes, we love our brass hardware! The blinds work so beautifully with the brass, which is something I struggled with when looking at other woodweave/bamboo blinds as they were all very orange/red. These definitely complete our kitchen (except for a new runner!). x

  18. Thankyou soooo much for sharing this! I too have been trying to source the perfect wood weave blind for years. They look just gorgeous.

    1. Thank you so much Jennifer and you are very welcome! I am SO happy we waited as these really are exactly what I was looking for. Definitely worth the wait! x

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