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You can probably guess that I favour a casual dining space over a more formal one and this gorgeous dining setting below, courtesy of Norwegian furniture company Slettvoll (see my post on Slettvoll here), is exactly the reason why. It’s an utterly stylish, relaxed and welcoming space that looks ready to be filled with great company, delicious food and lots of laughter.

To me, entertaining is all about relaxing with friends and family, sharing beautiful fresh food over a couple of glasses of wine, and having a really wonderful time. Of course, it’s harder to do this when you’re not comfortable and this dining setting is ALL about comfort, especially with gorgeous dining sofa and the stunning white loose covered dining chairs.

These style of chairs are my absolute favourite, because not only are they elegant and stylish, they’re also practical and extremely comfortable. I know many people out there are afraid of having white in the home, especially with kids, but having recently had our first child, I now realise why a lot of people do choose white – you can virtually get any stain or mark out with Nappisan (washing bleach) and it always comes up a treat. One of the reasons I believe hotels use white sheets, towels, robes etc.

What do you love in dining chairs? Do you prefer formal and structured or more casual and relaxed?

Nicki x


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  1. Hello. I am looking for the dining chairs you have here in your beautiful dining space. Where can they be purchased? Thank you for your help.
    ~ Donna

    1. Hi Donna, unfortunately this is not our dining area so I couldn’t tell you where to get these exact chairs. Sorry! Nicki 🙂

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