Home Office Makeover with Pottery Barn

For the past 6 months, my husband and I have been without an office. It has been frustrating to say the least! Not long after our little boy was born, we had to convert the “home office” into his nursery/bedroom, which has meant neither my husband or I have had a proper place to work. So, when Pottery Barn reached out to me about collaborating on a home office makeover feature, it was serendipitous timing to say the least!

Home Office Makeover with Pottery Barn - Cottonwood & Co

This was how the room basically looked before (except I took the porta-cot out for this photo!)

Cottonwood and Co - home office makeover with Pottery Barn

For the last 12 months our work area has consisted of either the dining table, the kitchen island, a local cafe, the sofa, or sometime even in bed! It’s been far from productive. And very limiting as we’ve been struggling for space for our paperwork and laptops (particularly where kids can’t get to them!) as well as a quiet space where we can both focus.

Our previous office was fine (you can see how it looked here), but lacked proper storage for paperwork.  The desk was too small and the space was, well, a bit bland. Being a creative, I personally function 10 x better when I’m in a nice environment and when I can also have space to be organised.

And our new home office is everything we could’ve wished for, and more! In fact, my husband and I are so thrilled with the new space that we now fight over who gets to use it! Who would’ve thought we’d be arguing over wanting to get to work?! ha.

Cottonwood and Co - home office makeover with Pottery Barn

The room is not very big and even though I did worry the desk might be too big for such a small room, it’s not at all. It’s 191cm long but only 76cm deep, so there is plenty of space around it.

Cottonwood and Co - home office makeover with Pottery Barn
Cottonwood and Co - home office makeover with Pottery Barn

I kept all the key pieces neutral (the desk, rug and chair) so it was inter-changable but also not too masculine or too feminine as it’s a shared space. The desktop is large enough that both of us are able to leave our laptops and pop in and out during the day without having to move anything.

Cottonwood and Co - home office makeover with Pottery Barn

Everything is so beautiful and I can genuinely, hand-on-heart, say how impressed I am with the quality of all the pieces, especially the desk, rug and chair, but also the accessories. They’re not just beautiful, they’re solid and well made.

The Pottery Barn desk that I selected has been on my radar for years!! It’s a timeless piece of furniture and very much an investment that we’ll have for a very long time. It has a lovely wood grain with a smooth finish, and gorgeous matte patina. And it’s very solid and heavy! All the drawers have gliders and the bottom two drawers have file glides so both my husband and I have a filing draw each.

Cottonwood and Co - home office makeover with Pottery Barn

I also deliberately selected a Pottery Barn dining chair, instead of a typical office chair, as I like my work spaces to have a sense of homeliness about it. It’s also really comfortable and I personally like having a high back for support as it makes me slouch less!

Cottonwood and Co - home office makeover with Pottery Barn

The magnificent woollen rug is another favourite piece and the difference it makes to the space, is huge. It adds so much warmth, softness, and that extra design element that you don’t quite get from carpet.

Cottonwood and Co - home office makeover with Pottery Barn

I really am so grateful to Pottery Barn for this collaboration and for all the beautiful products which have honestly transformed this room and the way we work. If you work from home, then having a beautiful and functional space should be a priority. I wish I had created this space a long time ago!

You can see all the products I selected from Pottery Barn below, which I’ve linked for you, but feel free to ask me any other questions down below!









Lamp, candle, artwork are my own.


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  1. What a stunning area! I’m building a house and was trying to decide on how to set up the office area, and your photos have inspired me! Particularly, having the desk in the center of the room, such a great idea. If you’re ever in need of more storage space, I did a DIY tutorial on how to repurpose a metal filing cabinet (link below) and I think the style would match nicely with the theme of your room 🙂 Thanks for the post!


  2. Susan Edwards says:

    Beautiful room what color is the paint on the walls?

  3. I love this!!! What paint color did you choose??

    1. Thanks Jenny. It was a colour by Murobond called Newport. Such a beautiful colour I want to use it again on some cabinetry.

  4. I love the rug but I can’t seem to access it using the link you posted. Can you tell me which PB rug that is called?

    1. Hi Andrea, oh thats a bummer. I’ve just had a look and appears they don’t sell that rug anymore. It was a few years ago that we got it now, so they’re probably discontinue it. They do have some lovely rugs but try Winton House as they stock so many incredible rugs and that’s the other place I get rugs from. Hope that helps. Nicki 🙂

  5. geraldine says:

    May I please ask what colour you painted your walls?

    1. Hi Geraldine, the colour is called “Newport” and it’s from Murobond Paint! 🙂

      1. Hi Nicki, I Absolutely love this space you have created. If possible, may I ask where you brought the paper weight\ sculpture from that is on the tray. Thank you in advance!

        1. Hi Samantha, sorry for the delayed reply. Have only just come back to work this week. That beautiful and heavy metal paper weight is from Pottery Barn although i’m not sure they still have it. Best to try their site to see. Hope that helps and thanks for the kind comments about our home office. Nicki xo

      2. Stephanie Snyder says:

        Any idea what a comparable color is in a USA based brand? Can’t get my hands on even a sample of the paint but love the color via the images

        1. Hi Stephanie, gosh not sure but it was Newport by Murobond if that helps. A deep teal blue.

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